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Valentin likes high intensity sports, but what he gained from low intensity training gave him unexpected boost for his sports. He started his low intensity training almost like walking.
As an editor Alexandra interviewed Louis for her magazine. She got easy to understand examples and great value for her readers.

'As a result, this personal training was not a training to "lose weight", but a lesson on how to improve life itself.'  Y. N.

Y. N. (32, male, Japanese)

74 kg → 61 kg

I received Louis' personal training for about 4 months from June to October 2022.

The reason is that I wanted to change my body, which has become completely dull (more precisely, I have gained weight) due to the corona sickness.

I had known Louis for a long time, so I decided without giving it much thought.

But to be honest, I wasn't expecting much at first. After all, I've been going to the gym all my life, so I didn't think a personal trainer would make a drastic difference.

At best, I should be able to get back to my pre-coronavirus weight.

However, those expectations were positively wrong.

As a result, I have successfully lost 13kg. I returned to my weight when I was the thinnest in my life. Furthermore, when I compare the data from the thinnest time, my muscle mass increased and my body fat decreased.

The appearance has clearly changed. My stomach is flattened, my face is visibly sharper, and I can wear stylish slim pants without having to adjust them. I was so surprised when I saw myself reflected in a shop window in the city.

There was a clear positive effect on the mental side as well. I used to be somewhat ashamed of my body and lost confidence. I walked with my head down. It seems like these days are distant past. Now I can go out anywhere.

It's all because Louis provided me with the correct knowledge and mindset regarding exercise and diet. I was able to set the right goals in a way that worked for me. It made me realize the knowledge I had, which I had picked up from various places, was full of mistakes.

I was able to walk the streets with confidence, but there was a far more important change in my mind.

I was able to achieve results that even surprised me, and I realized that until now I had been putting limits on myself without realizing it.

Somewhere along the line, he closed in on the possibilities, saying, "This is enough." Even though I could actually do a lot more than that.

As a result, this personal training was not a training to "lose weight", but a lesson on how to improve life itself.

I can confidently say that everything in my life has changed for the better by completing this program.

We were able to achieve great results this time, but we are still on the way.

This cultivated mind is a living thing, and now I can't help but look forward to getting older.

Life changed to say the least.

Thank you Louis.

And I want everyone to have a wonderful experience like this.