Flexible to your budget and goals

The Fast Fat believes that differerent individuals and organisations often need tailored solutions. Usually, it falls in one of three types: Personal Training, Endurance Coaching and Consultancy. Fees are somewhere around 100 to 400 Euros a month for individuals. Fees can be paid with credit cards or bank transfer (within the EU). Fees for the consultancy services vary depending on requirements, duration, location, etc.

Personal Training

Gaining control over your body weight, becoming healthier, needing motivational supports, wanting to learn correct technique for exercise or even gaining selfconfidence... Personal training is the best option. During a free initial consultation session, we will assess your current state and talk about what would be the most suitable way for you to start. Actual sessions will be guided through video/voice chats you will get real time instructions on exercise. During on-on-one exercise sessions you will also learn so much information about how to keep you active and healthy. What you have to have is a smart phone with data coverage for video chats. When that is not available we can still have sessions with voice too. That means you can have sessions pretty much anywhere, at home, in a gym, in the nature or at the airport. Even if you are on a business trip or on a holiday, you can be guided to keep the sessions going.

Endurance Coaching

If you want to achieve your best performance in endurance sport, this is the service you need. After a free consultation, you will have a tailoured training plan on TrainingPeaks (online training management program). With video chats you will get more specific things like form alanysis or guidance on performance tests. With my expertise on the equipment, I can help you to make the best choice when you purchase a new bike, etc. I also make 3D printed parts for bikes like a cockpit setup. These 3D printed parts are not just products. Thier benefits are maximised only when training sessions are designed suitably.


I offer seminors or submit articles like any other personal trainers, but my strengths is a unique combination of my background. Sports science is my backborn, however my experience in advertisement, online content production and entertainment can offer a lot more than just health and fitness. As a casual example, as a former video chef, I can host healthy and tasty cooking sessions. A more serious example would be 360 marketing creative consultancy. For triathletes I also offer full support packages for someone traveling from other parts of the world to Europe to compete in triathlon. Course recon videos, airport pick up, bike mechanics and almost anthing you need can be included.