What is Fast Fat?

Optimised Fat Metabolism

Many people complain that they can not get rid of fat. And when they do relatively well, they can not reach the last mile. It leads to a question. 'Am I burning it effectively?' Then even more questions come up. Are you happy with the lifestyle to stay at that level? Can you maintain it over years staying healthy? The reasons behind these questions are because people tend to try burning simply more amount of energy and restrict the amount of energy sources they take in. These approaches are effective in a short term, but ultimately not so effective because your body is not burning fat at its best.The Fast Fat will guide you to maximize your metabolism through modern scientific methods used by elite endurance athletes. Through consultations we develop a tailoured way to achieve your personal goals or even transform your life completely. It is quite different from old school sport science back in the '90s, which even lead some fit sport people to Type 2 dibetes. This kind of knowledge can be used for both reducing body fat and/or maximising endurance performance.Sounds a bit difficult? That is why I am here for you. From an expert point of view, I can explain with words you understand. You are an absolute novice to exercise? You don't know what wearable gadgets to buy? We can start with the most basic things. You are a competitive athelete and don't know what is the most practical way to check what your FatMax is? I am here for you. My job is to clear all the obstacles from your life, so you can enjoy your life in years to come.We usually use TrainingPeaks as a platform to manage your progress. With major fitness trackers (Garmin, Apple Watch, FitBit and more) you don't even have to manually upload the data. It is done all automatically. Even if you don't use these gadets, we can still track your progress with many 'old school' methods too. If you are in doubt of how to perform these sessions, I can guide you with video or voice chat sessions real time. You can be in your home gym for privacy or outdoor in a sunny park for fresh air. That means you can even have real time video sessions with your smart phone when you travel for business or pleasure.