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Ryuichiro Louis Iijima is the guy behind The Fast Fat, online personal training focusing on fat metabolism. I am 48 years old and pushing the boundary to make myself fitter, healtheir and try to defy aging as much as possible.What is on my sport resume? I was a very weak kid. When I was at highschool I joined the swimming team and somehow becaome an OK swimmer. My family moved to Hong Kong and I got to compete as an elite junior triathlete representing Hong Kong. Following the advice from Dr. John Hellemans, one of the top triathlon coachs at the time, I moved to New Zealand. I studied sports science and health related papers as a part of Bachelor of Recreation Management in Christchurch. That gave me the foundation of knowledge in sports science. During and after the degree I worked as a personal trainer and also managed fitness centres, which gave me chances to witness people actually becoming healthier and happier.For a family reason I moved back to Japan, then I worked as an Art Director in advertising, which was famous for heavy workload. During this period I understood the importance of work life balance. It lead me to get back to triathlon again. In 2011 I moved to Berlin because I wanted to experience something new. I started working as a photographer and I even photographed top Japanese football players, but my life as a professional photographer ended as I had a major traffic accident. I eventually gave up the camera, then I started working in online content production business. Although I worked full-time, I still managed to train well and competed at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships (middle distance triathlon). Naturally, friends started asking me to coach them. More recently, I became the Head Coach of a Bundesliga team based in Berlin, TuS Neukölln.What are my hobbies? My biggest passion must be food. I love eating. In fact, I am not sure if I am doing triathlon because I can eat more or I just eat more, so I do triathlon to burn it off. Being able to eat a double or even a triple portion would give me pure joy. I can certainly enjoy more. It is not only about the quantity though. I love the quality of food. I often cook with other professional chefs. As I lived around the Pacific and now in Europe, I learnt a variety of cuisines. I worked as a video chef as well. Most of the time I was only showing my hands in the videos, but occasionally I made more fun videos like making a massive sunny side up or a home made Happy Meal.Another passion of mine is music. While I was managing fitness centres, I started producing and DJing dance music as a side job. I had some vinyl and digital releases from labels. This passion kind of helped me to move to Berlin 11 years ago. That is a reason why I sometimes use music to control the cadence during exercise.Over these years I have been asked so many times how I keep myself fit and full of energy after these people failed with many diet and fitness regimes. I also got asked about health and fitness trends. What do I know about these trends? Often people tried these things, but did it in a wrong way or not suitable for their particular purpose. Everyone is made differently, so it makes sense to have a good pair of eyes to look at what works and what not, so you will achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle, which you can maintain with joy.
Hong Kong Triathlon National Junior Team Photo in 1994
Louis DJing
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