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by Ryuichiro Louis Iijima

Burning fat fast is fun!

We have a love hate relationship with fat. Louis loves fat because it carries flavours well in food and is a great energy source. For some it is more hate than love. What is the difference? Many people can not use fat as fast as they potentially can as an energy source. That is why The Fast Fat focuses on optimising your fat metabolism. It is about making the most out of what you have. That is way easier and more effective than restricting your diet to slim down or cluelessly aiming for PBs in endurance sports.In the USA, 36.6 percent of men and 29.3 percent of women have prediabetes. Metabolic syndrome is estimated more than 30% as well. It means what the majority of people thinks 'healthy' may not healthy enough. For example, a research showed even 'moderately active individuals' burn fat a lot ineffectively compared to elite endurance athletes. A scary fact is that there was almost no difference between 'moderately active individuals' and 'metabolic syndrome'. One can argue that diet is crutial to tuckle this problem, but if someone has almost no ability to utilise fat as an energy source, what is going to happen? You fill the engery deficit with carbs, then excess fat stays in your body. In a long term we have to have healthy metabolism to make it work.How do we 'train' fat metabolism? We can boost our fat metabolism by exercise at correct intensity and over certain duration accompanied by a balanced diet at right time. What is a great news? Exercise helps not only for healthy metabolism. Regular exercise brings more benefits like healthy weight, better mood, skin health, deeper sleep and even sexual functions both in men and women. A balanced diet sounds boring and difficult to stick to it? That is because many diets are designed by nutritionists. The Fast Fast is no nutritionist, but gives great recipes and cooking tricks from a chef point of view.What is the difference between The Fast Fat and other services? This service is not superior or inferior to other online exercise platforms or fitness trends. The Fast Fat puts everything together to maximise their effects. We make sure that what you do is best suited for the purpose at any given time.

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